HRA Exemption Calculator

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This HRA Exemption Calculator will calculate how much tax you can save on your HRA.

Which Tax Regime to Choose – New or Old?

Old vs New Income Tax Slabs, Tax Rates & Calculation for 2023-24

This post will answer your query on whether you should choose the New Tax Regime or continue to stick with Old Tax Regime.

New Tax Regime vs Old Tax Regime Calculator

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New Tax Regime vs Old Tax Regime Calculator for Salaried Employees less than 60 years of age and with salary less than 50,50,000 per annum. What are the differences between the old tax system and the new tax system, and which one might be better for you?

NSC vs Bank FD vs Post Office TD Returns Calculator

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The National Savings Certificate (NSC) offered by the Indian Postal Service, fixed deposits (FDs) offered by banks, and post office term deposits (POTD) are all types of savings and investment options. However, they have different features and may be better suited for different types of investors. National Savings Certificate (NSC) is a type of savings … Read more

NSC vs. Tax Saver FD – One better than Other

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If you are planning on investing ₹1.5 Lakh for Tax Savings under Section 80 of the Income Tax Act and thinking whether you should invest your money in NSC (National Savings Certificate, part of Post Office Small Savings Scheme) or in Tax Saver Fixed Deposit Scheme with Banks, then this blog may give you some insights.

You can Save Tax by buying a home from your Mutual Fund Investments.

If you buy a residential house with the profits earned under Long Term Capital Gain via Capital Assets except any other Residential House, what benefits or exemptions can you avail? Section 54 of the Income Tax helps with the same and the details of the same is what I have covered in this video. YOUTUBE … Read more

Can you give Rent to Wife and claim HRA Exemption?

HRA Calculation Income Tax Exemption Rules in 2021 HRA exemption for salaried employees. House Rent Allowance or popularly called HRA Calculation Income Tax rules have been discussed in this video in simple and plain language. What are the various conditions to claim HRA, what are the rules, and how you can calculate HRA has been … Read more