Amit Chopra

An Engineer by education and a financial enthusiast by passion – Amit Chopra is the founder, managing editor and primary author of EveryPaisaMatters.

He is a Senior Service Delivery Manager for an IT firm, Gurugram and the face of the popular personal finance YouTube Channels “Every Paisa Matters” which is around 1 Lakh+ Subscriber strong and has been viewed by more than 100 Lakh viewers so far. Passionate about providing the financial knowledge in an easy-to-understand format, he started his journey with YouTube Channel in 2020. He is also a Certified FPSB Invest Planning Specialist.

Subsequently he has also launched a channel for English audience, aptly called EPM English.

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Expertise and Experience

Amit Chopra has around 20+ years of experience in creating sources for passive Income, planning insurance, credit cards, retirement planning and personal finance.

Over the years, Amit Chopra has created more than 10 sources of Passive Income, have amassed more than 5 million points across various Credit Cards and Membership programs, created some of the most innovative calculators for Personal Finance, helped many save millions by guiding them choose the right Insurance Product and motivated a number of individuals to start their Retirement planning journey.

FPSB Investment Planning Specialist Certificate
FPSB Investment Planning Specialist Certificate

His analytical tools and research on life insurance, various types of deposit instruments, National Pension Scheme, retirement planning, have been published regularly since 2020. The site and YouTube channel together serves more than 9 million viewers annually.