Helping Beginners to make Money Matters Simpler

An Engineer by education and a financial enthusiast by passion, I formed an obsession with YouTube and Blogging related to Personal Finance, and Now Helping Beginners to make Money Matters simpler.

Over last 20 years, I have successfully created more than 10 sources of income (active and passive) by investing across various financial instruments – with type of investments ranging across Mutual Funds, Real Estate, Fixed Deposits, Insurance, Gold Bonds, NPS, , Crypto etc.

I am also an avid user of Credit Card and hold around 15+ Credit Cards in my wallet and make sure that I use them to get the best value on my spends.

Want To Connect With Me After Watching My Video Or Reading My Blog? Let’s Talk…

What I know

Almost 90% of what I am aware of, has already been shared via videos on my YouTube channel. So with the personal call you get this 90% information + the remaining 10% as well.

Note: Journey of each individual is different and it’s not necessary what I have followed, should necessarily be followed by others.

Disclaimer – I am an FPSB certified Investment planning specialist. I am not a SEBI registered financial advisor, hence do not provide any Financial advise or Financial consultation. I am NOT an insurance agent either but do help people in buying an Insurance policy basis their needs as well as review Insurance products. Any conversation is friendly talk sharing experiences and my dealing with money matters. Kindly do you own diligence as “No one knows the worth of your money better than YOU”.

FPSB Investment Planning Certification for Amit Chopra of

What you can Ask

You can ask me any question about personal finance topics. For reference, some of the topics are mentioned below:

  1. Actual return of Insurance Policy
  2. Which Insurance Plan is Best for me
  3. Should I break my Fixed Deposit?
  4. Should I break my Recurring Deposit?
  5. How much should I Save for my retirement?
  6. How to close Home Loan early?
  7. What is the Real returns of an investment plan?
  8. Which Credit Card is besr for me?
  9. Which is the best Post Office plan?
  10. How to start Mutual Fund Journey?
    and much more…

I may not be a pro at knowing “everything” in the financial world, however I’m glad to know little that assists me with carrying on with a day to day existence with peace of mind.

What to expect

A straight and speedy answer for your questions. Straightforward as that!

I like to have simple and straightforward methodology so that your question will also be responded to in a similar way of thinking.

While we are at it, I am not just doing Finance all the time and personally believe in having a fulfilled life.

While, I won’t typically ask people to not live their lives and just save for tomorrow because “Kal ho na Ho” but I also don’t believe in “YOLO – You Only Live Once“. So, how do we have a fine balance between Fun and Finance is what can share.


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1. I have watched all your videos and read your blog, will this conversation still be useful to me?

It depends. You’ve already watched 90% of my content and you should already know what you need to do. But if you want information that is personalized for you, then the conversation may prove helpful.

2. Can I follow up later if required?

I would be happy to respond to the follow up queries post conversation, preferably via email.

3. Can you reduce the fee?

The fee is designed in such a way that you can make good financial decisions and be able to save or grow your money 10x to 100x over the period of time. Hence, the fee is quite affordable in that point of view.