[Honest Review] PNB MetLife Endowment Savings Plan

Does PNB Metlife Endowment Savings Plan Plus really offer you good Savings and if so how much are the savings?What are the various details of the Plan and what are the “Real Returns” offered under this Plan Plus?With this video, we will aim to look at these and some of the other aspects of the … Read more

[Honest Review] PNB Metlife Guaranteed Income Plan

PNB Metlife Guaranteed Income Plan is An Individual, Non-linked, Non-Participating, Income, Life insurance plan. This plan aims to help people systematically save and offers “Guaranteed” returns in terms of regular income during Policy term along with Lump sum amount at Maturity. Youtube Review Calculation Sheets The Excel sheet referred in the video can be accessed … Read more

[Honest Review] PNB MetLife Guaranteed Future Plan

PNB Metlife Guaranteed Future Plan is an Individual, Non-linked, Non-Participating, Savings, Life insurance plan. Non-Linked means it is not related to Market and returns are independent of any movements in the MarketNon-Participating means that the returns will not be dependent on any bonuses that are announced by the company. In short, it is a Pension … Read more

PNB Metlife Guaranteed Future Plan

This is the Part 2 of the Honest Review of the PNB Metlife Guaranteed Future Plan.?For review of the first part, click here What are the different plan options and what are the “Real Returns” offered under this plan?When we perform the calculations taking into account the GST applicable and also considering the exemptions under … Read more

PNB Metlife Guaranteed Savings Plan

Plan Type PNB Metlife Guaranteed Savings Plan is a Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Savings, Life Insurance Plan.Non-Linked – means the plan is not linked to the Equity or Stock Market. Any returns generated for this plan will not be influenced by Stock Market Movement.Non-Participating – means the returns of the plan will not be based on any bonuses declared … Read more