[Honest Review] PNB MetLife Endowment Savings Plan

Does PNB Metlife Endowment Savings Plan Plus really offer you good Savings and if so how much are the savings?
What are the various details of the Plan and what are the “Real Returns” offered under this Plan Plus?
With this video, we will aim to look at these and some of the other aspects of the PNB Metlife Endowment savings Plan Plus.

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PNB Metlife Endowment savings Plan Plus is An Individual, Non-linked, Participating, Savings, Life insurance Plan.
This Plan Plus aims to help people systematically save and offers “Endowment” returns.

We will be reviewing this Plan Plus purely from returns perspective against the cases illustrated in official brochure.
This video is aimed at evaluating the returns based on the premiums paid and the returns received without taking into account any of the tax components (GST or Income Tax rebates).

We will discuss the following aspects in this video
1 What are the key Features of PNB Metlife Endowment savings Plan Plus
2 What are the details of PNB Endowment savings Plan Plus
3 What are the REAL Returns in PNB Metlife Endowment savings Plan Plus
4 What is the Maturity benefit of PNB Metlife Endowment savings Plan Plus
5 What are the Death benefits of Metlife Endowment savings Plan Plus
6 What are Savings and Savings Plus Options?

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