FD Premature Withdrawal Penalty and Renewal Calculator for Cumulative Deposits

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Get the FD Premature Withdrawal Penalty and Renewal Calculator which will help you in calculating the penalty imposed by banks during premature withdrawal or pre-closure of your Fixed Deposits. This calculator will further recommend the overall profit or loss when you are trying to switch from your old Fixed Deposit to a new one. A … Read more

FD Premature Withdrawal Penalty Calculator & Renewal Advisor (for Cumulative Deposits)

Premature Withdrawal Calculator Penalty and Renewal Advisor

This tool will calculate penalty for anyone looking to prematurely withdraw, close or renew their Fixed Deposits with payouts at Maturity and provide the a recommendation whether you should opt for renewal before maturity or not.

How to check old Interest Rate for Fixed Deposit?

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If you are planning to pre-close or renew your old Fixed Deposit, then you need the interest rate applicable for the reduced duration to be able to accurately calculate the penalty amount and the benefit you will be getting in case of renewal.

Avoid Premature Withdrawal Penalty for Fixed Deposits!

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How to avoid penalty on premature withdrawal or closure of Fixed Deposits which are non-cumulative with interest payouts on monthly and quarterly basis.