SGB Returns Calculator

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Use this SGB Returns calculator to find the approximate returns on your Sovereign Gold Bond Investment.

Before you Download

The Excel sheet is created with personal experience and learnings. This is not approved by RBI or any government agency. I may be wrong in these calculations so use your own judgement before making any decisions. I am NOT responsible for any financial decisions you take on the back of this Excel.

Why are you charging for Excel?

There is effort and cost spent in creating this Excel, hosting it on a website and regularly updating it. The Excel can be created by anyone having very little understanding of using Excel and I would ideally encourage you to make your own instead. There may also be many other alternatives available on internet and you may choose to use them as well. The small cost being charged will be used to keep this website running and to bring more such useful content in the future for you.

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Use this calculator to find the approximate returns on your Gold Bond Investment.

4 reviews for SGB Returns Calculator

  1. Shipra Goyal

    Thanks for making this simple for people like us who are not comfortable with Finance domain

  2. Anita Kumari

    Sir, your way to telling is very good. Thanks for spreading information. Used the discount coupon and got 10% Extra off. All the best

  3. Muthu R

    Why are Banks who are selling SGB not providing this information?
    Totally liked this easy to use calculator and wish my bank had it.

  4. Ramesh Mittal

    Very simple and easy to use calculator. Good work. Found it really useful.

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