How to Increase your CIBIL Score and Save Lakhs?

In this video, discover the secrets to achieving an excellent CIBIL score and securing loan approvals with ease. Learn the proven strategies that can help you build a high creditworthiness profile. Unlock the power of a great CIBIL score and gain access to better loan terms and financial opportunities. Don’t let your creditworthiness hold you … Read more

Why BUY when you can LEASE a Car? | Leasing vs Buying Explained

In this video, I have covered a comparison between buying and leasing of a car. I have tried to cover multiple aspects on whether or not you should lease a car, what are the benefits of the same including tax benefits and how to account for fuel, maintenance, insurance and other miscellaneous costs. I have tried to cover the pros and cons of car lease and also shared my opinion which hopefully can help you in making a decision.

How I repaid my 20 Year Home Loan in <3 Years!!!

September – 2016 In September’16, I applied for a Home Loan and the same got approved and disbursed in less than a month. My EMI’s were due to start from October 2016. While planning for the property and further the loan, I decided against taking a 20 year loan in the first place (a usual … Read more