Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card

If there is one card, that is good for beginners and also for those who are frequent shoppers shopping Online especially on Amazon, then that has to be Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card offered by ICICI Bank.  These days, there would be hardly anyone who doesn’t shop on Amazon. So since this is primarily aimed for those who shop online,  the process to apply the card is also so easy that I was able to get my card issued and Ready-to-Use in under 2 minutes.

Yes, the application process was so easy and seamless especially for those who already have an existing ICICI Credit Card.

I applied for the card 2 Years back in October 2019 and have so far received around ₹5500 worth of Savings in forms of cashback directly received in Amazon Pay account.

Card Application Process

The process to apply the card is very easy like it is for Uni Pay 1/3 Card. You simply need to go to Amazon’s website via your logged in account, search for the card name and click on Apply Now. This will take you to the card application site where you can complete your application which will take less than 2 minutes.

Once the process is complete you will be able to see your Virtual Card instantly.

Since I previously already had an ICICI credit card, my CC Limit was shared with them. I also received an email about Physical Delivery of the card which I received in around 5 days.

You can also APPLY for the card by clicking here or via the ICICI website here

Eligibility Criteria

This card seems to be available for anyone to join though there may be checks that the company may choose to do before it issues you the same.

I did not have to go through any KYC but seems like the company has now introduced a Video KYC facility, possibly for those who don’t previously have an ICICI branded Credit Card or possibly don’t have a Credit Card at all.

Fees and Charges

There is no joining fee for the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card and also there are no Annual Fees or any spend based targets that many companies have.

There are of course charges to be paid like the late payment charges, cash advance charges and interest on outstanding amount etc. that you can pause this screen and read but should always go to the official website of ICICI to get most up to date information.

Joining Benefits

When I applied for the card, I was eligible to get ₹700 cashback which got credited instantly to my Amazon Pay account. So I am being PAID to get this CARD 😀 😀 😀 (BIIIG SMILE)

At this point there are exclusive offers being run by the company for you to apply and get rewards worth ₹750 when you apply for this card.

Why I LIKE Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

First –  Shopping on Amazon – Flat 5% reward points (in form of Amazon Pay Cash) for Prime Members on Amazon. AMAZINGGGG. If you not a PRIME member, you will get 3% reward points. If you are not yet a PRIME member, link to join the same is in description below. The benefit of the same you will realize by getting 2% extra reward points on any purchase you make via Amazon.

Every Bill you pay on Amazon – you get 2% Cash Back. Electricity Bill – 2%, Phone Bill – 2%, Broadband, Gas anything – 2%

Outside of Amazon, if you use Amazon Pay and use it to pay for your food or entertainment – again you get 2% worth cashback

And if you use it for any other payment via usual Credit Card (except fuel and gold), you get 1% rewards

For a Zero Fees card, these are one of the best reward return ratio that any card offers. It also saves you in terms of doing calculations as to how many reward points you will receive and what’s the worth of each of the card.

One Important Thing

All the reward that I mentioned are only applicable in case of Non-EMI transactions. If you are doing an EMI transaction e.g. buying a mobile on EMI then this 5% cashback is NOT applicable. If you are taking EMI, you get discount on Interest and so this cashback is not applicable. Else you may choose to pay all amount in one go and receive cashback on the entire amount.

Discounts during SALES

During most of the sales, we see offers such as 10% instant cashback by using ICICI Credit Card. If you use any other ICICI Credit card, you will get the complete 10% cashback instantly. However if you use ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card, you get 5% instant cash back and rest of 5% comes to your Amazon pay account when statement gets generated.

My Rating

I give this card a rating of 5/5 for this being one of the best credit card in terms of ease of application process, no annual and renewal charges and one of the best reward returns this offers.

Youtube Review

Watch my complete review of this card on Youtube.

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