Purchasing an Online Calculator

Thanks for considering to Purchase the calculator. The exclusive online calculators have exclusively been created by Every Paisa Matters for the benefit of users. Many of the calculators on this page are unique and not been created yet by any financial organization. To see the online calculators in action, you can try some of the features of our calculators listed on this page.

These Online calculators are quite unique and you won’t find them anywhere else on internet. That is why even some of the bank employees are using our calculators – worldwide.

Steps to follow while purchasing:

  • Step 1 – Purchase the Calculator. The full price is much higher, but you can use the Coupon Codes to get these at discounted prices.
  • You will be granted access to the calculators within 24 hours of the payment.
  • Step 2 -You only need to do One-time payment. You can then access them from anywhere; No Recurring fees!
  • Step 3 – No complex software required, no need for excel or a laptop – access anywhere from your mobile, tablet etc. If you prefer using Excel version, then you can buy them as well from EPM Shop.

Steps to use the Calculator:

  • After making the payment, register on the website with the same email that you used in the purchase.
  • After registration, wait for an admin to grant you access. You will typically be granted access within couple of hours but it may sometimes take upon 24 hour.
  • You will receive a confirmation email on your registered Email ID.

In case of any issues or if you have any questions, drop an email to [email protected] or at [email protected]

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