Post Office Scheme Excel Calculator (POSRC)

Why this Calculator?

Post Office has many small saving schemes which are widely used by people for various investment purposes. While trying to make Investment in these schemes, it may become a little overwhelming trying to compare various schemes and to determine what their actual returns may be. This calculator has tried to simplify that problem for you – if you are looking to invest your money for 5 years, which is the case for most of the people.

What this Calculator does?

This calculator helps you find the best Post Office Small Saving Investment* Scheme by comparing their associated returns and also give an idea about how the returns from these scheme work (for 5 year period)

It gives you a comparison of all the schemes on one single page which can help you decide on the next steps.

This is an image showing the screenshot of the Post Office Scheme Return Calculator on

How this Returns Calculator work?

This calculator has 6 different sheets – 4 sheets covering 4 different schemes namely

  • Term Deposit
  • Monthly Income Scheme
  • Recurring Deposit
  • National Savings Certificate

and 2 sheets covering specially designed “COMBO PLANS” namely

  • FD Combo Plan
  • MIS Combo Plan

Please note: – This calculator works well only in Microsoft Excel application. If you are using this calculator by opening it in any other application, some of the features may not work as expected.

There is also a dedicated video created on YouTube around this which you can watch by Clicking Here.

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Download Excel

You can download the Excel Sheet by Clicking on this link.

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