EPF (Provident Fund) Interest Calculation

EPF Interest Calculation Steps – PF (Provident Fund) Interest Calculation – PF Interest Calculation in Hindi
The amount in Provident Fund is deposited automatically for salaried people at the time of deposit of salary. On this amount, the PF authority deposits the interest which is calculated on a yearly basis. However the exact formula is what has been show in this video.

By watching this video, you can see how interest is calculated on the amount deposited in your Employee Provident Fund (EPF/PF) account.
In this video, we will cover –

  1. How to read PF Statement
  2. How is EPF interest calculated?
  3. Example of EPF Interest calculation
  4. Details about amount on which EPF Interest calculation is done?

The formula for PF Interest calculation is very easy using some basic calculations.
I have also shared an example which should help you understand it how the PF interest can be calculated on the deposits made in the account.

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